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Top 5 Toy Shop in Johor

1. Sanctum Toys

Sanctum Toys is located at Johor and delivering all over Malaysia, Sanctum Toys sells products from brands like Hot Toys, Cosbaby, Funko, Pop Mart, Iro Studios and Bearbrick.

Hot Toys is known for their range of figurines and action figures, the latest in which are characters from the Marvel Cinematic Universe like Captain America, Spiderman, Iron Man and so on. Cosbaby is known for their range of cute, miniature figurines of characters from pop-culture films and shows like The Mandalorian, Star Wars, the Falcon and The Winter Soldier and so on.

The globally popular brand Funko Pops is known for the palm-sized figurines, called as ‘Pops’ which feature characters from popular shows and films like FRIENDS, Marvel, DC and so on. Similarly, Sanctum Toys sells products that account as collectibles while also being toys.

2. Action City

Action City is located at Johor and sells toys from brands like Bearbrick, Pop Mart and Tokidoki.

Bearbrick sells toys that are in shape of bears featuring characters from popular kids shows, comics and films like Shaun the Sheep, Garfield and Pink Panther.

Pop Mart sells tiny collectibles called Pops which feature characters from popular animated shows for children like Winnie the Pooh, Pink Panther as well as pops featuring the Zodiac Signs, Flying Babies and so on.

Tokidoki sell their own range of miniature collectibles featuring unicorns, mermaids and so on, which are their own original characters.

3. Idol Ido

Idol Ido in Malaysia are a popular store who sell movie posters, popular movies themed merchandise, KPop merchandise and so on.

They specialise in selling merchandise specific to each popular culture film, show, music band such as BTS, NCT, EXO, Harry Potter, Avengers, Demon Slayers and so on. These merchandises include posters in different sizes, masks, caps, hats, keychains, and movie model kits.

4. Sheldonet

Sheldonet is another popular toy brand in Malaysia that sells pop figures- vinyl products that are used as collectibles. They mainly sell products from the brand Pop! Funko as well as playing cards from Cartamundi!

The range of products they feature include Pop! Funkos featuring characters like Harry Potter, Disney characters, Scooby Doo and various types of funko collections within the Pop! Funko collection.

5. XL-Shop

XL-Shop is a toy store in Malaysia delivering country wide. They sell a range of products including 12th action figures accessories, vinyl figures, model kits, action figures and so on.

They sell products featuring characters from the Marvel Cinematic Universe like Black Widow, Taskmaster, Iron Man, War Machine, as well as characters from Star Wars, Dragon Ball Z, Sailor Moon and other Studio Ghibli characters.

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