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Can I use my American Express to purchase from Sanctum toys?

Unfortunantly we cannot accept payments made by American Express at this time.

Help! I can't find what I am looking for!

Here at Sanctum Toys, we update our store regularly but we are not perfect! There may be an error on the website or you may have difficulty in finding a particular product which you know we have in our range. Similarly, you may be looking for that special something and were wondering if we can source it through our suppliers. In any event, please send us an email at or reach out to us through our social media platform (Facebook: Sanctum Toys/Instagram: sanctumtoysandcollectibles) detailing exactly what you are looking for and we will get back to you as soon as possible to point you in the right direction or to let you know whether we have the item in stock.


There are two options to make deposit payment with the first option being transferring the deposit amount to our company bank account. You may inquiry us about the detail through contacting us on our social media (Facebook: Sanctum Toys) & Instagram: @sanctumtoysandcollectibles) 

Second option:

We will send you a link to pay the deposit through our website for any deposit needed, all you have to do is to inquiry us about the detail!

What is a pre-order? 

A pre-order product is one which has either yet to be released to the public (ie. Is still being manufactured and transported to the Sanctum Warehouse) or is simply a product that was in stock but has now temporarily sold out and we are awaiting it to arrive back into stock.

What is a shared sticker (funko pop!)

A shared sticker determines that each of an individual Funko Pop! (Exclusive or Special Edition) will have a shared 'Special Edition" sticker instead of "New York Comic-Con", "L.A. Comic-Con" and etc. 

is it possible that my orders will be facing a cut-stock issue?

Once you have successfully placed an order with us with a requirement of deposit placed, there will be 100% that your item WILL NOT be cut-stock.

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